Team-Drumming (eng)

The exceptional team-training with a high fun factor for your meeting, celebration or other events.

The rhythm of a team-drumming-event ensures a new and creative process. This is true for both experienced and new teams. As most if them enter new territory with team-drumming, the structures and hierarchies are quickly abolished.

Even people who consider themselves unmusical will discover their own abilities after the first beat. The focus lies on fascination and above all on the fun of working in a group, which is connected with team-drumming. The common rhythm, reaction games and small arrangements combine and create a totally new approach to what makes good teamwork. Each individual instrument plays ist part and is equally important fort he overall sound.


Team drumming up to approximately 60 participants

A collection of drums from all over the world are used:

Djembes from West Africa, Congas from Cuba or the Brazilian Timba are the hand and main instruments of the events! Small rhythm producers , called „Small Percussion“, are bells, bellrings, timbres or tambourines.

Team drumming with more than 60 participants:

For groups from 60 up to 1000 participants there are no drums but boomwhackers.


The tuned plastic tubes offer the following advantages:

Non-verbal communication and interaction with different subgroups of the large group marked by different colors.

Reduced volume

Easy to use / no entry barrier for sound generation

An experienced team for big events

Depending on the size of the group the event is organized by at least two lecturers who entertain the participants with rhythmic work, coordination tasks, interaction. Culmination and highlight is a common rhythm arrangement of all participants with fun as a main goal.


Team from right to left: Gero Fei, Nicole Hadfield, Verena König and Tobias Nessel


Procedure and costs

In order to clarify the exact proedures and costs, please get in contact with me.

As most oft the team-drumming events are tailor-made events, I’ll create the perfect event for you in the rooms of our „Trommelpalast Mannheim eV“, since all instruments are already on site there.

There can also be a complete event with catering and performances.

Of course, I also come to you with an appropriate number of colleages, drums and equipment.


My experiences range from intimate small group work to great events, for example, in the fully occupied „Feierabendhaus of BASF“ with about 900 participants.


„For the welcome event of our new employee, I was looking for a ream-building action and I   happened to pass the „Trommelpalast“, which is located on our factory grounds. Since then -that is now six years ago – team-drumming with Gero Fei is an integral part of our welcome day and no longer can be thought away. Feedback is positive every time and I am always amazed how musical our employees are.“

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